‘People say he doesn’t care, but that’s not true’— Eric Bailly gives verdict on Manchester United player

Manchester United centre back Eric Bailly, has come to the defence of his teammate, Paul Pogba, over criticisms about his work ethic.

Pogba has unarguably been one of Manchester United’s best players since his return from Juventus, but one of the biggest criticisms against the Frenchman is his work ethic.

Some have argued that he doesn’t work hard enough for the team, and he can be a tad selfish, but Bailly believes the claims are absolutely untrue.

Speaking recently on the Guillem Balague Pure Football podcast, the Ivorian said of Pogba: “Paul Pogba is someone – how to qualify this? – he’s always happy, he portrays one image and if you don’t know him, you’d say that this guy doesn’t care, he’s not concentrating or fixing on what he needs to do.

“But he’s not like that at all. He’s very professional and works really hard. People look and say he doesn’t care but that’s just not true for me.

“You’ve got to know him to really see what type of person he is. Above everything, he is a really hard worker, a professional player.”