Nemanja Matic receives Manchester United fine

Photo: Getty Images

Nemanja Matic has revealed he fine himself before the clash against Newcastle United last weekend.

The 32 year old is known for being one of the stern ones in the Man United dressing room, and according to him, he had to punish himself and play by the rules, after appearing late for the team meeting prior to the clash.

Speaking on the fine, the Serbian blamed Paul Pogba for delaying him, and said he would have to get share in the fine. He told the media, “I have to say, just before the Newcastle game, I fined myself.

“I was late for a meeting by two seconds, and the rules are the same for everyone. I had to fine myself, because they catch me!

“I was late to the meeting. In front of the room [where the meeting was taking place] I was talking to Paul [Pogba], so I will ask him to pay 50 percent of my fine. I don’t know if he will accept!”

Matic has actually fined Harry Maguire once for taking his phone along to a gym session, so we’re not surprised at all by this development.