Solskjaer backs one-off ties for Europa League knock out games

Manchester United boss Olé Gunnar Solskjaer has said he wouldn’t mind one-off ties during the knock out stages of the UEFA Europa League this season.

The method was employed during the latter stages of the competition during the 2019/20 season, as UEFA hurried to end things on time after the lockdown.

And this season, with Coronavirus still an issue for football, the gaffer has said he’s open to the possibility of the system returning, as the Red Devils prepare to take on Real Sociedad on Thursday.

Speaking to the media recently, Solskjaer said, “When one game is at a neutral venue it’s a disadvantage, of course, for the team that doesn’t have the home game.

“But that’s out of our hands, it’s not that we can say ‘OK, we’ll just meet in Turin and play one game’. I wouldn’t mind that at all, one game less. That’s what we did last season. We met somewhere neutral and made it a tournament.

“It’s a disadvantage for Real Sociedad, of course, to have their home game in Turin. So, for me, I wouldn’t stand in the way of [one-off knockout games]. There are probably other reasons why we don’t.”

United play Real Sociedad this Thursday, before playing Newcastle on Sunday, and that cannot be easy on the players, so we can understand why Solskjaer would be in support of this system.