West Brom boss claims referee almost robbed West Brom during 1-1 draw against Manchester United

West Brom boss Sam Allardyce has claimed Manchester United didn’t deserve to be awarded a penalty in the draw at the Hawthorns.

The Baggies manager believes Manchester United captain Harry Maguire was in an offside position before claims of being fouled and was left confused by the situation and also called for clarification.

“The confusing thing is Maguire is offside before it, and he’s not just offside, he’s well offside,” Allardyce told Sky Sports. “So I don’t know why it has to be a decision on whether it was or wasn’t a penalty, what should have been the decision was ‘this was an offside, let’s play on’.

“I’m massively confused about that situation and I’d like some clarification from somebody by saying Maguire is stood in an offside position when the ball comes in, then there’s this kerfuffle about the penalty when it could have been easily cleared up straight away by saying Maguire was offside, rather than the referee having to come over to the monitor.

“What that meant was if he thought it was a penalty and he gave it and it was the winner, that would have been an absolute injustice to what had happened here today.”