Liverpool legend accuses Harry Maguire of diving against West Brom

Photo: Getty images

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has accused Manchester United captain Harry Maguire of ‘diving’ in the 1-1 draw against West Brom on Sunday.

The Pundit criticised Maguire’s post match comments about the penalty incident and insists the Red devils defender was offside and slammed him for exaggerating the contact made on him by Baggies defender Sam Ajayi.

Graeme Souness said on Sky Sports: “It’s clearly offside and he [Harry Maguire] goes to ground as though he’s been hit with a baseball bat. Diving!

“He said he thinks it’s a penalty. It’s not enough to bring him down the way he goes down. He throws himself to the ground. It’s not a penalty.”

The former Liverpool man added: “This is such a bad result for Manchester United.

“Maguire has just said it’s a difficult place to go. West Brom have won one game at home this season – against the bottom team. How is that a difficult place to go?

“That’s a difficult place to go if you’re second or third in the league?”