Gary Neville questions the quality of Man United’s goalkeepers

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has questioned the ability of David De Gea and Dean Henderson to lead Manchester United to Premier League glory.

The former Man United player made this known as he appeared recently on the Webby and O’Neil YouTube channel.

According to Neville, no team that’s had to win the League did it without a great goalkeeper, and Man United have to sort that department out if they want to end their 7 year wait for a Premier League title.

In his own words, “Your goalkeeper, to win a league, has got to be exceptional.

“I said three, four years ago, and at the time Jurgen Klopp took me on publicly, ‘you’ll never win a league with Karius and Mignolet’. That’s not to say they’re not good goalkeepers and decent goalkeepers, but which team do you know that wins the league without a great goalkeeper or goalkeepers with great seasons?

“Ederson is a great goalkeeper. Petr Cech was a great goalkeeper. [Peter] Schmeichel, Van der Saar. Even Kasper Schmeichel for Leicester. David Seaman. You go through all the years, you’ve got to have a top goalkeeper. And Alisson is a great goalkeeper. So you think about goalkeepers and we have to start asking questions about David De Gea.

“You have to start asking questions about him because the mistakes are coming now, I wouldn’t say thick and fast, but they’re coming more regularly and they cost points and the game-winning saves are coming less, in my opinion, the one-on-one saves are coming less. I think that has to be a question that Ole has to answer.”

Neville added, “And then there’s the question of Henderson. Are we saying Henderson is going to be the number one for Manchester United?

“What I would say now is, if Pep Guardiola or [Jurgen] Klopp came into Manchester United in six months’ time, they would bring a new goalkeeper and that would remove all doubt as to whether he was great or not.”