Marcus Rashford sends classy message to Jurgen Klopp

Marcus Rashford has sent his condolences to Jurgen Klopp, following the death of his mother.

The Liverpool boss, who had a very close relationship with his 81 year old mom, lost her to the cold hands of death days ago.

However, due to the current coronavirus restrictions in place, Klopp will not be attending the funeral.

Manchester United’s official Twitter account, sent a condolence message to Klopp recently, and now, Rashford has also forwarded his to the former Borussia Dortmund manager.

Rashford’s message, which was in reply to United’s tweet, read, “Thoughts with you and your loved ones.”

Of course, United and Liverpool don’t have the closest of relationships, so it’s a class act for the club and it’s players to have kept their differences aside to console the mourning Klopp.