Scott McTominay reacts to abuses suffered by his teammates

Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay has spoken up against the racial abuse suffered by his Manchester United teammates, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Axel Tuanzebe, calling it a ‘disgrace’.

This comes after all three players were subjected to cyber attacks from angry internet trolls, following the poor results we recorded against Arsenal and Watford.

McTominay believes that while criticism is a natural part of the sport, racism is not allowed, and should be fought off.

Speaking to the official Man United website, when asked to share his thoughts on the subject, the midfielder noted, “I just don’t even think about the situation with people having different ethnic backgrounds.

“I just never would say: ‘I’m white, Axel’s [Tuanzebe] black.’ How are we any different? It’s exactly the same. We’ve grown up through the same school together, we’ve played football together for years, so it infuriates me.

“It’s a really touchy subject and it’s something that’s hard to talk about in that respect. But I feel like now we are getting to the awareness which it needs to have, because these are my brothers who I’ve played with for years and years, and to see it happening is a shambles.”

He added, “Yeah, criticism is a part of football. It’s no problem. I’ve been criticised a million times before and I’ll be criticised again for sure. That’s not the problem, at all.

“It’s a disgrace and that’s the type of people who are on social media saying the things that they’re saying at this moment in time. Honestly, it makes me feel sick coming in seeing Axel the next day after the game.

“I don’t remember which game it was. But I feel like it’s an absolute shambles and that’s somebody, one of my brothers who I’ve grown up with for a long, long time now, and to see that happen to him is absolutely disgusting.”

Man United have repeatedly voiced its support to the police, as they investigate the incidents. But of course, we also hope that more could be done by social media platforms, to cut out racist people from the internet, because that would go a long way in helping the cause.