Manchester United star Bruno Fernnades reveals why he hates to lose games

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has revealed his reaction to losing games.

The Portugueses midfielder insists he always wants to win and is never happy to lose a game regardless the opposition.

He went further to explain that his hatred for losing has been in him from a young age.

“I don’t react well when we lose, I don’t like losing. I know people say sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but that’s not how I think,” Bruno Fernandes told TV2.

“For me, it’s about winning every single time. I don’t care who we play against, it’s just about winning every time.

“I know that people think differently, and for some people it goes well even if you lose, but when I lose, I see problems everywhere, I see problems with myself, I see what I’ve done wrong and I’m unhappy.

“That’s how I’ve been since I was little. When I lost, I went home and closed myself inside a room. When my mother shouted that dinner was ready, I had locked the door so that no one could enter.

“But she knew it would go over and that I would come out when I was hungry.”

The Portugal international’s winning mentality has reinvigorated the United team and seen him become the club’s most influential player.