Ferguson reveals he only had four world-class players during his time as Man Utd boss. Find out the players

Manchester United legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson only ever had four world-class footballers during his reign at the club.

Despite coaching lot of players during his 26 years in charge Old Trafford, the Scotsman could only name the likes of Giggs, Scholes, Cantona and Ronaldo as the only ones who deserve the ‘world-class’ title.

Speaking to Sky Sports back in 2015, Sir Alex Ferguson said: “I don’t mean to demean or criticise any of the great or very good footballers who played for me during my 26-year career at Manchester United, but there were only four who were world class.

“When we brought Eric Cantona in, we won the league that season. It was his mere presence and his ability to make and score goals. The younger breed like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes were just fantastic players. The thing about those two was longevity.

“Are there players who have played right through the whole of the Premier League and performed at the level they have? There are none, absolutely none. And of course Cristiano Ronaldo was just a complete genius of a player. He was like an ornament on the top of a Christmas tree.”