Jordan: Solskjaer is not going to win anything this year as Manchester United boss

Former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan, has insisted Manchester United will not win a trophy this year, despite the 9-0 demolition of Southampton.

Jordan made this known recently, as he reacted to the backlash he received from Man United fans, due to previous negative comments he’s made about the club.

According to him, the big win against Southampton was just another freak result, and nothing about United has changed to suggest they’re actual title contenders.

He told talkSPORT: “I have said Manchester United will not supersede Liverpool or Manchester City. You can’t argue with the fact Man United have beaten another Premier League side 9-0, but it does not alter the central theme!

“I don’t care about all these trolls on Twitter that seem to pop up. I didn’t hear a word from them last week about what an imbecile I was after Sheffield United beat them and then when Man United and Arsenal stank the place out in a 0-0 draw, and I didn’t go on my soapbox to gloat.

“But here they are now saying, ‘here you go Jordan, what have you got to say about that?’ What I’ll say about this is: you’re second in the league and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is NOT going to win anything this year. I maintain that. So with the best will in the world, what is it I have got to repent for?”

Jordan has previously claimed United have lost their fear factor under Solskjaer, and the Norwegian isn’t the right man to bring it back. The man appears to have a personal issue with Solskjaer, but we’d love to see what he says when we finish as league winners this season.