Bryan Robson names one quality he likes about Bruno Fernandes

Photo: Carl Recine/Pool/Reuters

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson has revealed Bruno Fernandes’ ability to organize the team and motivate his United teammates is one quality he likes about him.

Robinson also hailed the player’s quality on the ball and his work rate and claims that the midfielder has what it takes to win titles and trophies.

“What I so like is watching Bruno [Fernandes],” Bryan Robson told the official Manchester United website.

“He’s got quality on the ball and work-rate and everything but, what I like to see, when something doesn’t come off, or the ball goes dead, is you can see him talking to the players around him.

“He’s trying to organise and is talking and whatever he’s saying, I’m not bothered about what he’s actually saying because you know it’ll either be encouragement or a rollicking for somebody.”

The United legend added: “This is what you have got to have if you want to win titles and win trophies. You’ve got to have those demands of each other. You’ve got to have that within your team and I can see Bruno has got that.”

The Portuguese has been Manchester United’s best player since joining over a year ago and has been vocal about his desire to win titles with Manchester United.