Wan-Bissaka explains why he’s the best tackler in the Premier League

Manchester United fullback Aaron Wan-Bissaka has revealed the reason behind his amazing stats that has seen him make the highest Premier League tackles this season.

The United defender insists his numbers are down to him learning to take control of situations rather than waiting for them.

“Towards the age 17 onwards was when that [my tackling] got recognised,” Aaron Wan-Bissaka told Sky Sports. “And since then, I have focused on that more and added more to my game.

“Usually, before that, if someone wanted to take me on, I’d tackle them, now I’ll go and tackle them regardless.

“It’s been about learning to take control of those situations, rather than waiting for them.”

The Manchester United defender has made a whopping 62 tackles already this season – the highest in the Premier League.

In addition, Wan-Bissaka has also scored twice in the league and that’s the highest among other right-backs.