Three Manchester United stars blamed for Sheffield United’s winning goal

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has blamed Anthony Martial, Nemanja Matic and Alex Telles for failing to track back to prevent Sheffield United’s winner.

The former United defender slammed the trio for their lack of desire to help out the team in transition play that led to our defeat.

Blades striker Oliver Burke’s deflected strike secured a famous 2-1 win for the rock-bottom side who won their second league game of the season against the Red devils.

But while Ferdinand was full of praise for the away side’s efforts, he couldn’t believe the attitude of certain Manchester United stars during the match.

“Recently United, in terms of reaction to certain situations, have been fantastic and that’s what’s got them to this point,” Ferdinand told BT Sport. “But tonight it just seemed to come crumbling down in that respect.

“The ball went into Martial, who had an off night in itself, and the ball goes into him – and I don’t think this is his fault, this is Matic. He’s given the ball to him and run past him.

“In the end he’s got three players around him surrounded. Where’s he expecting to go Matic? You’ve got to support the play and wait for him to play the ball back into you.

“It’s about the reaction. Martial… he ambles back. I want to see a reaction, him sprinting back. Jogging, in yesteryear that doesn’t happen.

“Two or three passes have gone on and he’s still jogging, ambling back. I want to see an intensity or a reaction.

“I don’t see that intensity here. It’s not just about Martial here. David de Gea should clear his lines, get it out the stadium.

“Hands behind the back as well, which I hate. Walking. A man unmarked in the penalty box, it ricochets and the reaction of the players… Martial, please sprint to him. Please go out there and affect the man on the ball. He doesn’t.

“Please, Mr Matic, get out to the ball and affect people. It’s desire.

“This is also understanding where you are. There’s Fernandes, he’s the only one I see sprinting, bursting to life.

“Telles, the ball goes back to a man who is free in your penalty area and you’re trying to win this game and you amble. Stutter, stutter, jog… what are you doing?

“There’s got to be a desire, a switch that says we need to get to the other end of the pitch and try to take this game by the scruff of the neck and win it.

“In that sequence of play there, there’s not one ounce of urgency, which I cannot understand when you’ve got yourself in a position like this, showing urgency, showing desire above all the quality you’ve got in your squad.

“Man City laid the gauntlet down last night. 5-0 West Brom, put that team to bed. We are the team top of the league.”