Paul Pogba reveals Edinson Cavani’s biggest strength that makes him important in Manchester United

Photo: Reuters

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has revealed why Edinson Cavani is so important at the club.

The Frenchman believes the Uruguayan’s experience is the biggest strength he possesses which everyone at the club is learning from.

When asked about the biggest thing Edinson Cavani has brought to Man United, Paul Pogba said: “Experience.

“Showed that someone like him in training in the game just showed the hard work and he’s 33-years-old he’s been winning playing well, top-class player and he’s here working hard.

“He’s good for the young players to see that, to see the guy here who’s done so much and he works so hard. He gives this positive energy, the mindset of hard work and the experience, it’s been great to have him.

“Everyone is learning from him, from the oldest guy to the youngest. When I see him and even if he’s speaking in Spanish, just the energy that he brings to the team.”