Cavani gives advise to Manchester United strikers on how to be clinical in front of goal

Edinson Cavani has said his Manchester United teammates have to develop their intuition and anticipation of they want to be better than they are.

According to the Uruguayan, who has four goals from 12 matches for United this season, there are two types of strikers, and to succeed, a player needs to first, identify where he fits in, and try to work on himself.

He said, when asked if there’s something to be learned from him as a striker in a recent interview, “Yes. A bit like I was mentioning just now about time and years in the game helping you to mature, to develop and to learn.

“But it all depends on your self-discipline and your sense of responsibility and that desire that you have to grow and to learn. You can only achieve things by playing and competing, you know what I mean, through hard work.

“Talking about the movements a striker needs to make, the first thing on your mind is to steal a march on your defender. It’s about knowing intuitively, the key for an attacker is to have that intuition.

“On many occasions, there are lots of strikers who score goals from more static positions. The ball comes to them, they can finish well, and they score goals.

“But you also have the other kind of striker who has the ability to sense things and anticipate where the cross is going to end up, or the ball in behind. Or when that through-ball is going to be played.

“I’ve worked really hard on anticipating the play intuitively. Looking at my team-mate to see where he’s going to play the pass, and watching the defender and how he’s moving so that I, in turn, can make a run or a move that will give me the advantage.

“And that’s something that you have to work on, and it’s also a question of focus and concentration on what you’re doing, and not just doing it naturally or for the sake of it.”

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  1. Jamin Awesi | January 23, 2021 at 7:51 pm |

    We really need experienced players for mancheater united to prosper!! When i see cavani,i see the likes of paul scholes,rio fedinand edwin van der sar,etc

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