José Mourinho sends back response to Marcus Rashford

Photo: Getty images

José Mourinho had refused to admit he’s responsible for Manchester United’s recent success at winning penalties in the Premier League.

The Tottenham boss, along with Liverpool boss, Jürgen Klopp, have been amongst those that complained about United being awarded a lot of spot kicks in the past few seasons, and in a recent interview, Marcus Rashford made sure to explain that Mourinho was in fact, the one that taught his then United players to be more streetwise when it comes to winning penalties.

However, Mourinho has reacted to the forward’s comments, saying they’re false because he didn’t even enjoy as much penalty success during his time as manager.

Speaking to the media recently, the former Chelsea boss said, “Stats. Go to Opta, go to my history as a manager in my more or less 10 Premier League season. Compare numbers and take your conclusions.

“It’s not an attacking player that is savvy, the suggestion means something that I hate.”