FA accused of cultural racism against Edinson Cavani

Photo: Getty images

A Danish professor of Culture and Society with Aarhus University, named Andreas Beck Holm, has reported the England FA to anti-racist football organisation, Kick It Out, for what he believes is an unfair treatment towards Edinson Cavani.

Cavani is under investigation by the FA for using the word, ‘Negrito’ during a reply to a friend weeks ago.

The Uruguayan has since deleted the controversial Instagram post, and apologized for the Language, but it didn’t stop the FA from slamming him with a charge.

Speaking on why the FA is wrong, Holm explained, “It was a greeting to a friend. You generally do not racially abuse friends who congratulate you. The word ‘negrito’ in South America is affectionate, not racist.

“As soon as Edinson Cavani was informed that his greeting might be misunderstood, he deleted it, precisely because he did NOT want it to come across as racist. The claim I want to make is that while Cavani’s words are not racist, the decision to indict him is.

“Specifically, it is a case of cultural racism that is closely connected with ethnocentrism. Cavani is a foreign worker who is being punished for his inadequate mastery of the English language and for his equally limited understanding of British social rules.

“In fact, he is being punished for not obeying these codes in a foreign language communication with a foreigner. This is clearly an example of discrimination based on a person’s culture, also known as cultural racism. The charge put forward by the FA is based on several assumptions that are obviously ethnocentric.

“While Britain’s horrendous colonial history clearly warrants a focus on avoiding racism, this is in no way an excuse for renewed bigotry and oppression masked as political correctness. I would like to make it very clear that this is not a prank and that I am extremely serious about this report.”

Cavani is in line to start Sunday’s game against Leeds United, but he still faces up to three games out if he’s found guilty of racist behaviour.