Chelsea legend regrets not playing for favourite club Manchester United

Former Chelsea winger Damien Duff has revealed not playing for Manchester United is the biggest regret of his career.

Despite enjoying a trohy-laden career at Stamford Bridge, the Irishman has revealed not moving to Old Trafford is an opportunity he regrets missing out on.

Speaking back in 2017, Damien Duff said: “I met Sir Alex Ferguson a long time ago. I was just a nervous wreck, they [Manchester United] were my [favourite] club. Obviously before I was at Chelsea I was at Blackburn Rovers and I wanted to go there but it didn’t materialise, back then I think my fee was £15 million.

“I ended up going for £17 million [to Chelsea], it’s a lot of money and it didn’t quite happen. Nearly went to Liverpool, didn’t quite happen. Everything happens for a reason. It’s only kind of years later, I meet Roy [Keane] when he joined back up with the Irish team and he was like ‘why didn’t you come?’

“I said I wanted to come and then you realise right, well something has gone missing somewhere along the line. I always supported the teams who I played for, supported Blackburn, supported Chelsea, but it’s only kind of when I retired I’ve realised, my God I just love Man United.

“Driving there with my kids last week, I brought them over and I see the Man United sign at Old Trafford, and I was like, that’s ingrained in me. I used to watch my Man United videos when I was four, five, and it just kind of all came flooding back. It was [Michael] Carrick’s testimonial match but it felt like my day!”