2 reasons why Manchester United lost 3-2 to RB Leipzig

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has revealed two reasons why Manchester United lost 3-2 to RB Leipzig in Germany on Tuesday night.

According to Maguire, Manchester United’s slow start and our inability to deal with crosses are the reasons why Manchester United lost to RB Leipzig.

The German side beat United 3-2 to dump us into the Europa League, despite two late goals from Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba.

Leipzig took the lead early on in the game, scoring twice in 19 minutes, before adding a third in the second half of the game.

When asked to react to the loss post-match, Maguire said: “We started the game too slow. Wasn’t good enough the first 20 minutes, we wasn’t at it. We failed to deal with the cross and that’s why we’ve been beaten”.

With Leipzig through to the round of 16, Paris Saint-Germain are expected to join them later, after their game Vs Istanbul Basaksehir was suspended due to allegations of racism.