Manchester United fans unhappy with Patrice Evra for comparing Van de Beek and Paul Pogba

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United legend Patrice Evra may have incurred the wrath of a section of fans, following his recent comments about Donny van de Beek.

Manchester United beat West Ham 3-1 at the London Stadium on Saturday, but before we got the win, the Hammers were 1-0 up at halftime.

During the break, Evra, who didn’t like the performance from the lads in the first period didn’t hesitate to vent and air his thoughts, and particularly, criticised van de Beek, saying, “Same old story. Declan Rice is bullying Van de Beek. Bowen is terrorising all our defence. Sloppy passing, no tempo. Maybe they’re going to win in the second half but this is not United.”

In the second period, things did get better, and United overturned the deficit to win by 3-1, with Pogba amongst the goals, and again, Evra had something to say about his countryman.

He opined, “What a great goal from Paul. When people start to compare him with Donny van de Beek it just makes me laugh – like look at that goal”.

The comments have however, been interpreted by some fans as ‘disrespectful’ to Van de Beek, especially, coming from a club legend like Evra, and they have called for him to do better.

Take a look at some of the reactions on Twitter.