David Moyes slams Man United’s equaliser, and claims it shouldn’t have stood

West Ham boss, David Moyes has claimed that his side were robbed, and Manchester United’s equaliser, which came via a Paul Pogba effort shouldn’t have been allowed to stand.

Tomas Souçek had given the hosts the lead in the 38th minute, and they looked very comfortable on the ball, before a Dean Henderson punt found Pogba, and led to the equaliser in the second period.

However, the former United boss has claimed the goalie’s punt veered off the pitch on its way to the Frenchman, and it shouldn’t have been allowed to stand.

“The ball went over my head on the touchline,” said Moyes.

“There was no one in a better position to see it. The linesman is claiming he didn’t see it. It was a poor decision. The ball was out of play and our players knew it.”

Moyes also blamed his side’s loss on the goal, saying it made it difficult for his side to get back into shape.

“We never regrouped and got ourselves correct and we need to put that right,” he added.

Manchester United scored two more goals via Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford, to make it 3-1, and record their ninth consecutive win away from home.

However, Marcus Rashford has warned that the Red Devils need to learn to take their chances when they come, and avoid falling behind to the opponent, as has been the case often this season.

He said, “We need to stop doing that [having to keep coming back from behind], ideally we need to be keeping clean sheets and start better.”