José Mourinho slams FA over decision that favours Man United

Photo: Getty images

Tottenham Hotspur boss, José Mourinho has expressed disgust over the fact that clubs like Manchester United still have a game in hand.

Spurs are top of the table on goal difference, but United could break into the top four, with a game in hand if we win against West Ham today.

The situation, appears frustrating for Mourinho, who said it’s unfair that some other teams like his side have had to play four games in a few days, while others have been allowed to enjoy a different reality.

Speaking during his pre-match press conference for Tottenham, the Portuguese said, “I think it is also very difficult to accept that four clubs have one match less than the others.

“And I don’t even know when they’re going to play these matches which in every [other] country would be impossible. They have to be played until at least the end of the first round [of games] so until matchday 19, they should be playing these matches.”

Mourinho added, “And I don’t even know when Burnley, Manchester City, Manchester United and probably Newcastle and Aston Villa twice [are going to play].

“It’s difficult to accept that because it can affect the competition. But I was trying to know. I was trying for an answer this week and no-one can give me that answer.

“By the way, we played four matches in one week and nobody was crying or supporting us about it. And now my colleagues, when do they play these matches?”

United’s opening game against Burnley had to be postponed due to our extended involvement in the Europa League last season, and Mou knows that, but obviously, he just like to talk.