Italian journalist gives career advice to Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba

Photo: Getty images

According to report, Italian journalist Paolo Condó has urged Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba to leave Old Trafford in order to try and revive his career.

Paolo claims the player is no longer the great player who showed great potential to become a better player.

He also thinks the Frenchman has stalled and needs to revive his career, but would have to leave Old Trafford to do so.

“Who is Pogba right now? Pogba was a great player at Juventus who showed unprecedented growth margins because they were rarely seen in a midfielder of that quality,” Condó said, as relayed by Tutto Juve.

“But at Manchester United it has resoundingly stopped. In fact, in my opinion Pogba will have to be one of the transfer men of next year and next summer. Because he has to rekindle his career in some way.”