Southampton manager comes for Man United following their 3-2 defeat

Photo: Getty Images

Southampton boss, Ralph Hasenhuttl has claimed that Manchester United were celebrating as if they’d won the Premier League, following their 3-2 loss to United on Sunday.

Hasenhuttl’s side had taken a two goal lead before halftime, but a Bruno Fernandes effort in the 60th minute cut the deficit in half.

Substitute, Edinson Cavani, then, went on to add two goals to make it 3-2 to United, but despite the loss, the Austrian is adamant his side put up a good fight.

Speaking after the match, he told the press he was proud of the way they played because United were celebrating as if they’d won the league title.

In his own words, “You can hear them [Man United] celebrating in their dressing room. You know what you have done today and how tough an opponent you have been because they were celebrating like they had won the Premier League.

“That was the thing for me because it is definitely a statement when they are celebrating like they were because it was tough. They had to play the best they can to win against us and we can be proud of how we played.

He added, “We had some fantastic moments – the best I think we can against such sides. I am very happy about what we can play today.”

Obviously, Hasenhuttl was sad about the loss, as anyone would, but saying our celebration was over the top would be implying it means nothing to come back from 2-0 down to win a game— a complete lie!