Former Tottenham striker tells Rashford how he can be a top striker

Former Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur striker, Gary Lineker has told Marcus Rashford he’s available to help him learn how to be a top finisher.

According to the pundit, who recently had a chat with The Athletic, while Rashford is talented and does score goals, he doesn’t have the type of instincts a proper finisher should have, and he’s available to help him realise his full potential.

He said, “Let’s talk about the man of the moment, Marcus Rashford. He’s clearly a very intelligent young man, he’s a wonderfully gifted footballer, he’s super quick.

“He’s got everything. But he doesn’t score many poacher’s goals. And I look at him, and he doesn’t make those movements because, either it doesn’t come naturally to him, he’s not thought it through, or no one’s ever told it to him.

He added, “But if I had 10 minutes with him, even if he just reads this one day. I’m not singling him out because I love watching him play.

“But this (goalscoring) is an art form in itself, and I think I could help many strikers do it. And I’m available, if they want to give me a call.”