Cavani set to face three match ban

Manchester United striker, Edinson Cavani may be suspended for up to three matches, if he’s found guilty of racism.

The Uruguayan had posted a message on Instagram in reply to a fan who congratulated him for the win against Southampton. However, the reply, which read, “Gracias Negrito”, has been deemed ‘racist’ by some.

The former Paris Saint-Germain man has since deleted the post, but calls have continued to come for the Football Association to investigate the issue and punish him accordingly.

Meanwhile, Cavani has since apologised for his actions, explaining that he meant no harm.

His statement read, “The message I posted after the match on Sunday was intended as an affectionate greeting to a friend, thanking him for his congratulations after the game.

“The last thing I wanted to do was cause offence to anyone. I am completely opposed to racism and deleted the message as soon as it was explained that it can be interpreted differently. I would like to sincerely apologise for this.”

The FA is now expected to give a verdict on the matter soon, but hopefully, he is pardoned.

2 Comments on "Cavani set to face three match ban"

  1. Here in Uruguay we say “negrito” between friends, we say that to show affection.
    It is not Edi´s fault that some people understand that in any different way. It was a message sent from one Uruguayan to another Uruguayan, both of them with the same codes to get the same message.
    I think that English are somehow showing their own guilt about that by finding racism in that.

  2. I don’t think so that he would be punished.

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