Fred: Why Manchester United aren’t worried about PSG

Manchester United midfielder, Fred, has insisted the team is not at all worried about playing Paris Saint-Germain again.

United are set to meet the French champions next Wednesday for the return fixture of their Group H game, and a chance to fight for top spot.

The last time both sides met, United beat the French side 2-1 at the Parc Des Princes, and Fred is confident playing them again wouldn’t be a problem.

According to the Brazilian, having played them a lot in the past few months, the team is already used to them.

He told Esporte Interativo, “Man, we already know them. We know a lot about the players. I’ve played a lot with Neymar. So before the game, we try to see a lot of videos of them. Whether they come out on the right or the left. If they put more speed or less speed in some moves.

“We have to be prepared for everything there in the game. We know that they can decide the game at any time. So we have to be on all the time”.

United are primed to finish top of Group H, but we must avoid defeat against PSG so as not to hand them a lifeline to the top.