Nemanja Matic backs former United player to become head of football in Serbia

Photo: Getty images

Nemanja Matic has offered his full backing to countryman, and former Manchester United defender, Nemanja Vidic, to become the head of football in Serbia.

The midfielder made his position known in a recent open letter, in which he asked for the Serbian government to move to save football in the country.

His open letter read: “[Nemanja] Vidic at the helm of the Serbian Football Association (FSS) is the route to saving the country’s soccer.

“I am not asking for anyone to lose their job, but I am asking for Vidic to be put in charge because I am completely convinced he will do everything in his power for the benefit of Serbia’s football.

“He needs the government’s support too because football is important to us.

“We all know that president Aleksandar Vucic is a big sports fan, hence I am inviting him to help persuade Vidic to take on the massive job of getting our football back on its feet.”

The letter comes off the back of Matic’s appeal to the Serbian government to pay footballers in the country their wages, after they’d gone on a hunger strike weeks ago.