FIFA urged to ban Bruno Fernandes penalty technique

Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has called for Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes penalty style to be banned.

The Portuguese retaken penalty helped us to secure the win over West Bromat the weekend.

Former Gunner striker Wright claims that Bruno’s tendency to jump before taking the penalties can trouble goalkeepers and the jumping part should get banned.

Ian Wright told BBC’s Match of the Day (quotes via Mirror): “It is [difficult for goalkeepers].

“And then you’ve got forwards jumping up, doing this, doing that sort of stuff and the goalie can’t move his foot off. They should stop people jumping and that, they should have to make a full… just run at the ball and hit it. If they can move and the goalies can’t, that’s not fair.”

Pundit Gary Linekar – the host of Match of the Day – was surprised by Wright’s assertion and asked: “Are you going to have a law that says you can’t jump?”

To this, Wright shamelessly replied: “Yeah, you have to go straight through your penalty run-up, no jumping.”

So far, Fernandes has scored 12 penalties since joining the club.