Solskjaer reveals a big plus for Manchester United fans

Photo: Getty images

According to Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, recents reports indicating fans could be allowed back into stadiums soon is a big plus for Manchester United fans.

When asked about his thoughts on reports that supporters could be allowed into stadiums from January, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: “It’s welcome news for the players and the club [that supporters might soon return].

“The biggest plus is for the fans. They can come and watch the games again. Watching it on television… not getting that close contact, [a] connection with the players that you admire and adore… You’re a fan of the club for a reason and you love the players.

“So, hopefully we can back to it, but that’s up to the government and society in general that we can get this infection rate down. It’s a serious issue.”

Due to Covid-19 restrictions put into place in September, the plan to allow fans back into stadiums was postponed indefinitely. If the situation improves, it has been reported that fans would be allowed to watch matches live inside the grounds from January.

The club remain be hopeful that fans are allowed back into Old Trafford after experiencing a huge dip in our match-day revenue.