Smalling finally speaks up as he reveals he was unhappy with Man United for his transfer

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Former Manchester United defender, Chris Smalling, has opened up on the events that led up to his much-publicised transfer to AS Roma during the summer window.

The Englishman, who spent last season on loan at the Italian club had hoped for a permanent transfer to Stadio Olimpico, but the move didn’t happen until the last minute.

A disparity in valuations between the two clubs proved to be a major challenge, with United asking more than the amount Roma was willing to offer.

But with just a day remaining to the end of the Italian transfer window, both clubs were finally able to strike a deal, to see him move to the Serie A.

However, in a recent interview with The Telegraph, Smalling revealed he wasn’t at all happy with the way the whole thing was handled by United, especially the fact that they didn’t tell him where he stood early enough.

In his own words, “I knew that my days under Ole [Gunna Solskjaer] were pretty much numbered.

“I was just a bit frustrated. One, I would like to have been told earlier and then, secondly, I was only able to go with just a day left of the Italian window being open.

“The English window had shut. I was left in a very s*** situation. I had to decide. After I had that chat [with Solskjaer] it was a case [from him] of, ‘I’m not sure when your next game will be’.

“In an ideal situation I would have known early in the summer and made plans and it almost got to the stage where I had a day left. My wife had just had a kid as well. There was a lot going on that happened at the last minute.”

“There was more than one occasion when I didn’t think it was going to happen. Even in the week before.

“There were a couple of times when it was very close and it was pretty much off. It was probably 50-50 for quite a lot of it.

“We knew everything had gone through our side but then it hadn’t been ratified. It was probably for the next hour [after the Italian transfer window had closed] we were still waiting for that confirmation.”