Premier League star defends Cavani, after red card vs Brazil

Photo: Getty Images

Everton star, Richarlison has defended Edinson Cavani, following the career threatening tackle the Uruguayan made on him on Tuesday.

Cavani was sent off by the referee, after stamping his boots to the Everton forward’s ankle, leaving his side to finish with ten men.

But Richarlison has run to his defence during a recent interview, saying it was likely an unintentional foul.

He told CBF TV after the encounter, “It was a ball dispute and of course he [Edinson Cavani] went over the top.

“If my foot was planted there on the floor, maybe it could even have broken my ankle. But I don’t think he meant it.

“I think he went there to get the ball but missed and took my foot. It’s a normal game situation.”

Sadly, Cavani’s side lost the match to Brazil by 2-0, but it’s quite impressive to see Richarlison defending the striker likes he’s done, and hopefully, the demoralising decision from the refs doesn’t affect his confidence as he returns to Old Trafford.