Italian scout reveals how Bruno Fernandes has surprised him

Bruno Fernandes is easily top 10 on any list of the best midfielders in the world today, thanks to his vision and mindset.

Since joining Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in January, the Portuguese has wowed with his amazing skills on the ball, while turning the Red Devils into a better team.

But the player wasn’t always this good— at least, that is what a former scout says.

Back when Fernandes was only 18, he was discovered by an Italian scout named Mauro Borghetti, who was working for Italian side, Novara at the time.

And according to him, while Fernandes had other important attributes as a player, he didn’t have the physical structure. He however, noted that over time, the midfielder has taken care of that bit, and that is why he has turned into a star today.

Speaking to Football Italia, Borghetti said, “His skills are mainly technical and mental. He must have worked on his physical abilities, which were the only things below average.

“Not from an athletic point of view, he’s always had endurance and aerobic abilities. I speak of his structure. He turned 18 during the season he spent at Novara, he has now improved his physical structure.

“He has always raised the level in his career. Sincerely, what Bruno Fernandes has become today is a bit of a surprise to me.

“We understood that he was not a common footballer but here we are talking about one who plays in one of the most famous club in the world with results out of any kind of logic. He had the potential to do it, but to see what he’s become today is a bit of a surprise.”

If there’s one thing we have also observed about Fernandes, it’s how he’s able to stay motivated in each game. He’s a whole different class, and United have done a great job to have him.