Former Manchester City defender slams Pogba

Photo: Getty Images

Football pundit and former Manchester City defender, Micah Richards has slammed Paul Pogba for his latest comments about Manchester United.

The midfielder, who is currently on international duty with France, raised eyebrows recently, after claiming it’s a breath of fresh air to play with the Les Bleus.

He told RTL, “The France team is a breath of fresh air, the group is exceptional, it’s magic.

“It’s not that in the club we don’t have fun, but here it’s not the same. We laugh. It’s really a family.”

It’s not the first time Pogba had made such a comment, as he’s previously also admitted to wanting to play for Real Madrid in future, and Richards believes he needs to be more respectful towards his club.

“He needs to have a little bit of respect for Man United because I’ve backed him to the hilt so many times,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“We’ve come out before and said he shouldn’t have his agent saying things for him, which we all agree on, but going away with your national team because you’re playing well with your national team, then sort of creating problems in the team that has shown a lot of faith in you and put a lot of trust in you. I think it’s disrespectful.

“I’m not the one to jump on any bandwagon with Pogba, I still believe he should stay, I still believe he’s good enough to take the team where they need to go to if he’s fully focused.

“But I lost a bit of respect for him when he said that because he knows how big he is, not just on the field but off the field, he knows there have been so many problems surrounding him playing, then being on the bench, so to make that comment when you’re away, this is the first time I have to criticise Pogba.”

Pogba has struggled for Man United this season, leading to Solskjaer benching him in favour of Scott McTominay and Fred.