England boss slams those criticising Manchester United player

England boss Gareth Southgate has slammed criticis of Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford.

The England striker was criticised for not showing much commitment in his game compared to his charity work in helping to curb child poverty in the UK.

But Southgate has defended the player in his recent press conference.

“I don’t really understand those comments. The days where the players just focused on their football and did nothing else are in the far distant past,” he said.

“Modern players recognise they have an opportunity to make a difference, whether that’s in their local community or on a broader scale, they have a voice and a social media presence.

“You know as a sportsman you’re going to have a second career when you finish football, that’s the reality, so I don’t know why they would limit themselves to just one thing.

“Of course, it’s important you’re training and focus on games isn’t affected, but it’s possible to achieve that balance.”

Meanwhile, Rashford seems unperturbed by the criticisms as he recently launched a book club for kids to help inspire them to read more.