See the amazing things Lukaku had to say about Marcus Rashford in a new interview

Photo: Getty Images

Marcus Rashford’s effort to reduce hunger among the poor across the UK is receiving more appreciation and commendation by the day, with the latest to praise the Englishman’s work being ex-teammate, Romelu Lukaku.

The United forward has teamed up with some organizations in the UK to raise money to feed millions, while also getting the government to extend their free school meals program.

When asked recently to share his thoughts on the 23 year old’s efforts, Lukaku told ESPN, “He challenged the government to help them [the children] because he comes from that environment and when you come from that environment you are marked for life.

“I speak from my own experiences and it’s stuff you don’t want to see other kids to go through that stuff, what Marcus Rashford did was a beautiful thing and he deserves massive respect wherever he goes.

“I expected nothing less from him because he has that awareness of trying to do the right thing for everybody – both on the football side and in general life. He deserves massive respect.”

Rashford was also recently honoured by the Queen of England for his efforts, despite the criticisms and obvious opposition he has faced in the process.