“It is amazing what he has done already”— Van Persie on Rashford

Former Manchester United striker, Robin van Persie, has praised Marcus Rashford for his efforts to feed millions of impoverished children across the UK.

The Englishman only turned 23 recently, but he has managed to make an entire country rescind its decision on the free school meals program in favour of the masses twice.

Speaking on the forward’s drive to see poor children feed, Van Persie revealed he was delighted by it, especially after the two chatted about it.

He told the Daily Mirror in a recent interview, “During this covid crisis we all have to help each other. And someone who understands this better than anyone else in football is Marcus Rashford.

“Just before the pandemic erupted, I went to meet Marcus in England. I did not have the chance to play with him at United but thanks to our meeting I have learnt a lot about him and I have got to know him better.

“He has only just turned 23 and it is amazing what he has done already in football as well as in life off the pitch. I spoke to Marcus in length and he told me what has made him fight for school meals.”

Van Persie added, “Marcus told me that as a kid he experienced what it was like to have no dinner. He and his two brothers have had their struggles in life and sometimes there was no food.

“As he said to me, every kid deserves a meal. It has been some battle he’s had with the Government, but he has succeeded.

“In the end, he worked with the Government and it is a beautiful example of working together. This is the way to survive this crisis in both football and in life.”

It’s incredible to see one of ours getting this much adulation. He has put so much into getting here, and we’re glad for his progress.