Dean Henderson reveals the player that he got inspiration from

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United goalkeeper, Dean Henderson has revealed Zlatan Ibrahimovic was one of his biggest inspirations in football.

According to the United number two, who recently signed a contract extension, back in 2017, after his return from a loan spell with Grimsby Town, seeing Zlatan train was inspiring because it made him want to keep up the same tempo.

He told the England national team’s official YouTube channel, “I remember warming up, I got called back off a loan spell with Grimsby Town. Zlatan had just signed and I was warming up with him, it was a mad moment for myself.

“Zlatan, this guy hits the ball so hard, I’ve never seen someone hit it so hard in my life. To go up against him in training every day was fantastic.

“As a young boy growing up as a Manchester United fan that was something I was inspired to do, for me it was great and I always remember that well.”

Zlatan’s footballing career has been an inspiration to many, not just Henderson. It’s incredible how he continues going, and shows no signs of slowing down, even at 39. The Swede currently has 9 goals in 9 matches for AC Milan.