Bruno Fernandes reveals the favourite position he preferred to play in

Photo: Glyn Kirk/NMC Pool/Reuters

Bruno Fernandes may be a star midfielder now, but the Manchester United man hasn’t always liked the position.

According to Fernandes, who made an appearance on the UTDPodcast recently, he used to like playing as a defender when he was younger, because he was a tad more aggressive at the time.

“I played central defender for the most part when I started playing football, either central defence or right-back,” he has told UTDPodcast.

“I liked to play as a right-back because I was aggressive at the time, I was that guy who wanted to give tackles and everything. As a central defender, I was the free one, being prepared to follow the wingers if the right-back wasn’t there and all that.”

We all have loved different things at different times in our lives, and clearly, Fernandes isn’t an exception.

But we are grateful he settled for playing as a midfielder, because something tells us, he wouldn’t have done as well if he remained a right-back.