Bruno Fernandes opens up on one of his biggest secret

Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes has revealed he has a winning mentality, and he always wants to win.

The Portuguese recently sat down to discuss with the UTDPodcast, where he spoke about his career, including the past and present.

Amongst the things Fernandes speaks about are the position he used to play before switching to midfield, and the advice he received from his former coach as a youngster.

Fernandes also opened up on his secret to winning, saying he has a winning mentality, and it shows even when he’s not playing competitive football.

In his words, “Always [I’ve had a competitive personality]. Always. I hate losing. In everything.

“Two days ago I was playing Uno with my little daughter and you know, sometimes you just need to let them win. So in this game, she plays two +4 [cards], and she lays down +4 twice. She’s young, she doesn’t know so sometimes you ask, do you have any other cards to put down and when I asked, she put another +4 down, so I take another 8 cards.

“Then I got rid of all these cards – bang bang bang and I won that game. I needed to win because I was so angry that she put me twice +4 … she made me pick up all these cards!

“Um… she’s three years old,” he continued.

“My wife was looking at me and she said to me, ‘You are always the same’. I don’t know how you call it in England… bingo? Ok, well at Christmas in Portugal we always play this, we play five pence per card and we put all the money in the box and who completes the card wins all the money. “It’s not for a lot of money, it’s just for fun but, even in that, I don’t like to lose. I have to call the numbers out, and I always check the numbers just to be sure. I have to do this because all the time, my family are cheating during this! My uncles, my cousins, everyone! So if you grow up with this, you do what you have to do to win!”

Fernandes has been as impactful this season for United, as he was in the last, with six goals from eleven games, across all competitions.