Ireland captain Coleman: Rashford deserves praise for doing this

Ireland national team captain, Seamus Coleman, has applauded Marcus Rashford for his honest efforts to help feed millions of poor across the UK.

The Englishman recently forced the UK government to again, extend the free school meals program, after initial attempts to cancel it.

Following the decision, the forward has received a lot of commendations, with Coleman, the latest to appreciate him.

Speaking recently about Rashford’s efforts, Coleman said: “He’s only a young lad himself and to genuinely, sincerely want to be making a difference, it’s a massive credit to him and I think it’s something that he should be applauded for highly.

“He comes across as a very grounded young footballer, a very talented footballer as well.

“On the pitch, he’s a top-class talent, a very dangerous footballer, but what he’s doing off the pitch, it’s inspiring for all players in Premier League to dig in and get involved and help in any way you can with whatever causes that you want to encourage.

“I think Marcus has done a remarkable job. He deserves all the credit in the world for it and fair play to him.”

Coleman and Rashford will again, face each other in a friendly on Thursday, as Ireland play England, just days after they met at Goodison Park, where United won 3-1.