Andy Cole calls for criticisms against Mason Greenwood to stop

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United legend, Andy Cole, has called for the criticisms targeted at Mason Greenwood to stop.

The 18 year old has been under the limelight recently, after getting sent home while on international duty with England, for violating Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Greenwood has also been reported to be in trouble with his bosses at Old Trafford due to his attitude in training lately.

But Cole has called for the criticisms to stop because the forward can still become a star if he gets his head right.

Speaking to The Mirror recently, he said: “He’s a star in the making. If he gets his head right then he’s definitely a star in the making. One hundred per cent.

“I’m hoping he will come through this. What’s really upset me through this situation is I’m not sure why everyone keeps hounding him the way they do.

“He’s a baby. If you don’t make mistakes when you’re a baby, when do you make your mistakes? In your 50s? He’s a boy and he’s made mistakes, he’s held his hands up, let him go out there and play his football.

“Now judge him on his football because if we’re judging him as an 18-year-old boy against what the average 18-year-old gets up to then we’ll see what they all get up to.”

Greenwood didn’t feature in United’s 3-1 win away to Everton, but the club revealed it was due to an illness.