Bruno Fernandes reacts, after his goal is awarded to Rashford

Photo: Getty images

Bruno Fernandes has given a very classy message to the media, over how he feels about his second goal against Everton going to teammate, Marcus Rashford.

The Portuguese brought us level with the hosts, who had taken the lead through a Bernard goal, and then, got a second with an effort that seemed to have gotten the slightest of touches from Rashford.

However, the goal was awarded to the Englishman, who turned 23 recently, before it was then cancelled, and given back to Fernandes.

After the match, when asked to share his thoughts on the decision to award the goal to Rashford initially, Fernandes said, “I don’t care if the goal is given to me or to Marcus. All I care about is winning and the victory. I am happy with the way I played today.”

Fernandes had one of his best games in a Man United shirt on Saturday, bagging an assist as well, to add to the two goals.