Supercomputer predicts Manchester United’s final position

Manchester United will no longer finish in the top four of the English Premier League, as predicted recently by the Supercomputers at FiveThirtyEight.

United are now rated at just 2% to win the Premier League and 27% to finish in the top four, which is abysmal.

United are predicted to finish the league at the seventh position, and a whopping 22 points behind predicted winners, Manchester City.

Liverpool are tipped to finish second, with 78 points, while Chelsea are placed in third, with 68 points.

In fourth position, the supercomputer predicts Leicester to be there with 65 points, while Tottenham take fifth with 63 points.

Arsenal are predicted to finish ahead of United in sixth, which pretty much sums up the type of season we’ve had so far.

But it’s still early days, and we’re hopeful of a turnaround.

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  1. Am not a Manchester united fan but I predict Manchester united to finish third before Manchester city and Liverpool Tottenham fourth and arsenal fifth

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