Manchester United players accused of disrespecting Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Watford striker Troy Deeney has claimed the reason behind Manchester United’s poor form this season is because the players do not respect Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Our mixed start to the season coupled with our recent defeat against Arsenal has seen the Norwegian criticised again especially by club legend Roy Keane.

The former United midfielder claimed that the players will cost Solskjaer his job, and Deeney agrees with his assertion and feels it is because they doubt his managerial credentials.

Asked if Solskjaer was the right man for the job, he told TalkSport: “If you had to look back over 100 games, you’d probably say ‘no’.

“I don’t think anybody else with that record would get the length of time he’d done.

“He seems like a lovely guy, I don’t know him, it’s not personal, I just don’t think he demands the respect off the other players.

“You listen to Roy Keane and the rant he had afterwards which was epic as always, I just don’t see how the players respect Solskjaer, you don’t see much change.

“Other than Greenwood, Rashford has started coming into his own, who would you really say has improved after him? That would be the question I’d ask.

“I think Pogba takes a lot of criticism and takes a lot of the blame away from a lot of people at Man United, but there were so many average performances yesterday in a game of that magnitude, why is that happening?

“They’ve just come off a couple of wins in the Champions League where everyone was saying they were ‘back to the United of old’, but you don’t see anything that would suggest they’re going to continue it for five or six weeks.”