Ryan Giggs gives honest verdict on wanting the Manchester United job

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has dismissed the possibility of him managing the club in the future.

The Welshman is the most decorated player in English football, winning 13 Premier League titles and the Champions League twice.

Giggs made a total of 963 appearances for the club and briefly served as interim manager after the sacking of David Moyes in April 2014. He later became Louis van Gaal’s assistant before leaving during Jose Mourinho’s reign at the club.

On wanting the United job, the Wales boss told The Greatest Game podcast: “If I’m honest, I wanted the job [after Moyes was sacked]. But I wasn’t ready.

“There is a trend at the moment with younger coaches who have played for the club getting the jobs.

“At that time there was still a lot of the older managers coming in. They were seen as safe. I wanted the job when I had those four games, but I wasn’t ready.

“I was definitely ready after Louis [was sacked] and I wanted the job but I was nowhere near it.

“I’m more ready now but I think that’s gone now, I think the chance has gone now.

“I think it’s gone, I’ve done it. I’m happy with the job I’ve got. I can’t see that coming around again.”

Giggs insists he is enjoying his role with Wales, but also gave a hint he’ll become a club manager in the future.

He added: “I must say I’m enjoying the job at the moment. There’s lots of pluses, and there’s lots of frustrations.

“I think eventually I will want to go into club management, but when that is, I don’t know.”