Leeds United striker says Rashford should be knighted

Leeds United striker, Patrick Bamford, has hailed Marcus Rashford for his efforts towards helping the poor across the UK, despite the odds against him.

The forward recently spoke on talkSPORT, where he chimed in on the efforts of the 22 year old, adding that he looks up to him, despite being older.

Bamford said, “As footballers, we get stick sometimes, sometimes fairly sometimes wrongly in the press, not enough of us use the power that we have to do good things in society.

“Marcus [Rashford] and Raheem [Sterling] have set an example for the rest of us. I’m older than him but I’m looking up to him like wow that’s incredible. If more people did that I’m sure we’d see more change.”

When asked if Rashy should be knighted for his efforts, Bamford replied, “Why not? He’s 22 years old and he’s achieving things that some grown men in the government can’t seem to.

“Why shouldn’t he be Sir Marcus Rashford?”

Rashford is also winning on the pitch, as he bagged his first career hat-trick on Wednesday, despite only coming on as a substitute in the second half.