Ryan Giggs details experience with racism while growing up

Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs, has revealed he was a victim of racism while growing up.

The Welshman grew up around a black father, and according to him, his back side made him stand out a little when he moved to Manchester as a young child.

Speaking during an appearance on ITV’s ‘Can I Be Welsh And Black’, the football manager said, “I didn’t experience anything in Cardiff.

“I was seven, so I can’t remember a lot before that. It wasn’t until I moved to Manchester. Where I lived, my dad was very well known, because he was such a good player.”

He added, “He was probably the best player in the team in that town. As you can guess, to look at me, you wouldn’t think my dad was black.

“But obviously everyone knowing that was my dad, and my dad quite clearly being black, that’s really when I sort of experienced the first time. Which was a bit weird, because I’d never experienced that before.”

It’s incredible to know that Giggs took all of the negative energy he received, and made himself into such a huge football star.

His background and colour couldn’t stop him in the end, as he’s currently the manager of the Wales national team.