Juan Mata reveals the Manchester United player that plays the same pattern with him

Photo: Jon Super/The Guardian

Manchester United midfielder, Juan Mata, has revealed he believes he shares a very good understanding with teammate, Bruno Fernandes on the pitch.

The two played together in United’s win over Newcastle last weekend, and many enjoyed watching them.

But while the partnership isn’t something we have seen often since Fernandes arrived Old Trafford, Mata says he relishes any chance he gets to play with the Portuguese because they see football in the same way.

He said in an interview with United Daily, “I enjoy playing with [Bruno Fernandes] and with players like him. I think we understand football in the same way.

“We both like to play in spaces and play and move, to create opportunities for our strikers. We understand each other really well on the pitch.

“With one look between us, we know where we want the ball, we know where we’re going to move.

“Of course, it doesn’t always work but we try to play together because we understand each other really well.”